Scenes from the Tabinfo Asia 2009

  On Tuesday 11 November 2009, more than 600 fired-up protesters were at the convention center in Bangkok in an attempt to smoke out representatives of the global tobacco industry, who were holding a conference […]

Smokers flout anti-smoking bylaw, 23/10/09

Surabaya–Many local residents were still seen puffing away on their favorite cigarettes in malls and other public areas as the Surabaya municipal administration started enforcing the bylaw against smoking in public places on Thursday. Budi, […]

No smoking rule enforced, 24/10/09

HA NOI — The third Asian Indoor Games (AIG), to be held in Viet Nam next Thursday, will be a non-smoking Games. The events’ organising board and World Health Organisation (WHO)’s Viet Nam branch office […]

Commentary: Coco Avant Chanel

Attached is a 2-page article on the French movie “Coco Avant Chanel” from a lifestyle magazine of a broadsheet (top3) in the Philippines.  The pictures vividly show the star holding a lighted cigarette.  The entire movie […]

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