DISEASE: Focus on cancer prevention

2009/07/30 THE health minister and the Ma-laysian Oncological Society president’s recent statements that there were only 50 oncologists in the country has me worried (“Travelling far for cancer treatment” — NST, July 24). However, their […]

Conflicting rules for concert organisers

    CONCERT organisers are hearing confusing annotations on sponsorship by liquor and tobacco companies. They say regulations pertaining to sponsorship of concerts by liquor and tobacco companies continue to stupefy them. Consider this: Beer […]

MPs approve increase in tobacco tax

MPs approve increase in tobacco tax Published: 18/05/2009 at 03:47 PM The cost of local cigarettes will rise following the House of Representatives’ approval of an increase in the excise tax on tobacco products on […]

Indonesia a paradise for tobacco companies

  BANGKOK (IPS/GIN) – When it comes to smoking, Indonesia remains the last paradise for a puff in Southeast Asia. Those addicted to cigarettes can openly light up in public places without worrying about tough […]

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