15000aDay.org: Taking action against tobacco and NCDs

 WLF, in partnership with other groups, has just launched an exciting online advocacy effort that educates about the devastating impact of the tobacco epidemic and the importance of the upcoming UN Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). We need your help to make it a success.

 The web site, 15000aDay.org, allows you to contact your UN Representative and urge them to take a strong stance during the Summit.  It is simple and clear and presents the issue in non-technical way so that the public will take action.  Can you visit the website, send a letter, and, most importantly, help us spread the word about the site and urge your friends and colleagues to take action?

 This week we passed a terrible milestone: 1,000,000 million dead from tobacco use in 2011. September’s U.N. Summit on NCD is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to ensure tobacco control is a vital part of the global public health agenda. However, our governments must hear from us in order to take strong action, and this web site is a way to engage and activate the public. In the 12 hours that the site has gone live, we have actions taken from 21 countries. Can you help us reach 50 by the end of the week?

 Please visit 15000aDay.org and share it with your extended network.  The site is a collaborative effort with a growing list of supporters.  If you know of other organizations with members that will take action, please let me know. We will try to contact them and if they will reach out to your members, we will proudly list them on the supporters list at 15000aDay.org.  Please send an email to Stephen Hamill, shamill@worldlungfoundation.org to inquire.

 Together, we can take action and save millions of lives.

 Thank you,

 M e g o   L i e n

Communications and Editorial Manager


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