20 SEA Games Venues are Smoke-Free, 22/08/11

To support Jakarta Free Cigarette program and implementation of Governor Regulation No 88/2010 about No Smoking Area in Jakarta, Tourism and Culture Department (Disparbud) and Head of Jakarta Environmental Management (BPLHD) decided 20 SEA Games Venues and residence for athlete as no smoking area and also to give comfort and peaceful for the athletes during competition.
“The venue and residents for the athletes must be free from smoke. We will apply the area as no smoking area,” stated Head of Jakarta Tourism and Culture Department (Disparbud) in City Hall, Monday (8/22).
Disparbud together with Jakarta BPLHD as well as social institution Swisscontact Indonesia Foundation will attach announcement sign which mentions the area as no smoking area in every venue and residence.
“It means that all athletes, officials and other guests are not allowed to smoke in hotel and venue. Similar thing happened to the viewers in the arena, they must appreciate the policy by not smoking during the competition,” he asserted.
As planned before, there will be smoke detector in every venue and hotel. So, while smoke has gone high, the detector will beep. This time, only Century Athlete Hotel which has installed the equipment, others will catch up.

Meanwhile, Head of Jakarta BPLHD, Peni Susanti added the survey result applied by Demography Institution Indonesia University Majoring Economy (LDFEUI) shows higher resident’s support through implementation of Governor Regulation No 88/2010. The survey has applied since March 2011 through face to face interview to 841 respondents who spread in 7 no smoking areas in 5 Jakarta areas. Besides interview, they also visit 210 buildings which are included in 7 no smoking areas to observe the governor regulation.

Based on survey, 94 percent of respondents are not comfortable with a room filled with smoke. Uniquely, 90 percent of the smokers admitted the same thing.

About 91 respondents stated their support towards the prohibition. As much as 85 percent of the smokers also agree about it. About 90 percent respondents admitted their support towards no smoking area, the main priority are children playgrouns and public facility. About 84 respondents also support the implementation in public places such as malls, hotels and restaurants as well as offices.

It is proven as much as 54 respondents mentioned their readiness to warn people who violates the smoking prohibition inside building. Besides, the no smoking area implementation reduces visiting rate is not proven right.

The highest smoke rate is founded in houses as much as 39 percent, office 35 percent, public transports 31 percent and public places 21 percent, healthcare places 2 percent and school 6 percent.

The highest smoking violating is founded in public transports as much as 67 percent of 30 types of public transports, followed by hotel and restaurant as much as 53 percent from 30 locations and mall as much as 35 percent of 29 buildings.

Head of Jakarta NPLHD for
Law Enforcement Sector, Ridwan Panjaitan expressed that Governor Regulation No 88/2010 have entered law enforcement phase. Since April or beginning of law enforcement, Jakarta Provincial Government has sent 25 warning letters from 80 announcement letters which have sent before to 25 buildings which violate the rule.