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Lucrative Retailer Incentives Increase Cigarette Sales:
Report of Five ASEAN Countries 2019





SEATCA FCTC Scorecard 2nd Edition

The second edition of SEATCA’s FCTC Scorecard is designed as a tool that objectively quantifies and measures the national implementation of different provisions of the WHO FCTC across the 10 ASEAN countries. The FCTC provisions evaluated based on their assessed impact on tobacco consumption,  importance for effective tobacco control and availability of international implementation guidelines adopted by the FCTC Conference of Parties (COP). It acknowledges achievements and progressive efforts of ASEAN governments while also identifying implementation gaps that need further action. It also encourages comparisons between countries to further motivate the strengthening of FCTC implementation.

Child Labour in Tobacco Cultivation in the ASEAN Region

This report presents an update overview of the problem, how child labour remains widespread in tobacco cultivation in the ASEAN region, where all countries, except Brunei and Singapore, grow tobacco. It discussed international instruments and legal frameworks govern State Parties to adopt laws and implement programmes to prohibit and eliminate child labour, how the international community and different businesses have dealt with child labour issues, and how the tobacco industry continues to perpetuate and profit from the problem. A case study on child labour in tobacco cultivation in Indonesia is included. The report also provides policy recommendations on what needs to be done and best practices to eradicate child labour in tobacco cultivation.