ASH Scotland’s Support for SEATCA

ASH Scotland supports the important work of SEATCA in its work to challenge tobacco industry interests, which are opposed to the aims of public health and are often furthered through vested interests and paid-for influence.
ITIC is funded by major multinational corporations including all of the leading transnational tobacco companies. Two years after its inception, ITIC reported that its principle asset was in providing its sponsors “a seat at the policy-making table.”
The meetings ITIC has facilitated for the tobacco industry have been used to lobby against further regulation of tobacco and smoking; including lobbying against tobacco standardised packaging, against tobacco taxation and against the European Tobacco Products Directive.
Sheila Duffy
Chief Executive
ASH Scotland    
ASH Scotland’s vision is of a healthier Scotland, free from the harm and inequality caused by tobacco.
Action on Smoking & Health (Scotland) (ASH Scotland) is a registered Scottish charity (SC 010412) and a company limited by guarantee (Scottish company no 141711).