ATCA Statement of Support

We are deeply shocked by the malicious and gratuitous accusations leveled against SEATCA by the representative of ITIC. It is a sign that SEATCA represents a voice respected by the international community which ITIC is attempting to silence, in vain.

We strongly encourage you to pursue your highly commendable work of promoting public health through tobacco control in the Southeast Asia region and continue serving as a model civil society organization for the rest of the world, unhindered by the hallucinations of an organization funded by Big Tobacco.

It is obvious that the tobacco industry is working by all means to undermine the WHO FCTC implementation in the developing world. Africa, too, is not immune to its assault, as it considers the continent as its next El Dorado.

We, as networks of civil society organizations, have a great mission of fighting the tobacco epidemic and saving people’s lives from its devastating consequences. We will not accept any interference from the tobacco industry or its front groups like the ITIC with regards to the implementation of the WHO FCTC.  

Deowan Mohee
Executive Secretary
African Tobacco Control Alliance (ATCA)


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