BPOM (Indonesia’s Food and Drug Administration) Investigate Violations on Cigarette Labels

( Reuters ) – FDA will investigate violations of the cigarette industry does not include pictorial health warnings on cigarette packs to the detriment of society . ” We are cooperating with the police investigation and will pass if found in violation of the rules will be dealt with according to regulations , ” said Kasubditwas Cigarette Drug Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) Elly Mutiawati on Wednesday .

He said the FDA has made an MoU with the police in monitoring food products and the products made ​​from chemicals that harm public health , including cigarettes . ” Before you take action would be carried out surveillance and thorough investigation ” he said . He said that under Article 144 of Law No. 36/2009 on the obligations of Health inclusion of pictorial health warnings that cigarettes wrapped in time specified in Article 61 of Regulation 109/2012 has been shown to lack the level of adherence to the deadline June 24, 2014 . “The level of compliance is still low cigarette manufacturers to include pictorial health warnings on cigarette packs , ” he said .

Meanwhile , Development Coordinator FKMUI PHW – SEATCA , Widyastuti Soerojo said based on a survey of compliance in seven areas of the city / county and provincial Establishments conducted by researchers in the city of Banda Aceh, the Pontianak District , Makassar City , Bogor , Semarang , Surabaya , and Jakarta Province Jakarta from August 24 to 31 by 2014. The observation was made in 540 sales places accessible to the usual start of the Agent , Super market , mini market , cigarette stalls to traders dilution . He said the picture of the average compliance rate below 50 percent , which means that less than 50 percent of the brand of cigarettes that has marketed using PHW wrap alone , PHW and the rest is a combination of old stock or old stock only. “

Inclusion of PHW on cigarette packs is the fulfillment of the right of consumers to information that consume these products have a negative impact on health . Poduk without PHW wraps according to the existing provisions in the category of illegal products and is not fit for circulation , it should immediately pull out of circulation , ” he said.


(English translated from the original story here)