Cambodia: Kampot designated as no-smoking tourist destination

25 February 2023

Khmer Times

Visitors to Kampot will be enable to enjoy activities without being assailed by tobacco smoke after the Mayor of Kampot confirmed that the city has been designated as a no-smoking tourist destination.

On February 23, 2023, at Srah Chhouk Resort, Kampot City, the city administration announced a campaign under the theme “Together we reduce and eliminate the use of all kinds of tobacco for a city without smoking”

The campaign involves citizens, officials, departments, units, forces and district authorities throughout the city.

Kampot Mayor Leang Roeun Sothy confirmed that Kampot had recently been designated as a no-smoking tourist destination.

He clarified that this meant that it is not forbidden to smoke, but smokers must smoke in a place that does not affect others.

The young people of Kampot province who participated in this event showed great support and satisfaction that Kampot is a tourist city without cigarettes and asked people, especially young people to reduce or stop smoking so as not to affect their own health and the health of those around them.