Cambodia Smoke-free Workshop

Phnom Penh – Last  December 3-4, 2014, A two-day Smoke-free workshop was organized by SEATCA in cooperation with the Cambodia Movement for Health. 

Screen Shot 2557-12-09 at 07.27.04Participants from the CMH staff 40 representatives from 12 different districts in Phnom Penh, High Ranking officials from Phnom Penh City Hall and Phnom Penh Police department, with SEATCA, came out with action plan for each district in which they will establish working groups to enforce the current Smoke free circular to:

1. Create smoke free districts for some districts
2. Create smoke free restaurants for some districts
3. Create smoke free Cafe for some districts
4. Create smoke free markets for some districts  
5. Organize workshop to disseminate the SF circular to Sangkat’s chiefs who are under the governance of their districts.

Technical support from WHO, SEATCA, and awareness activities for the circular, and support to working groups will be undertaken to ensure full implementation. 

For more information:  Contact Dr. Mom Kong, Executive Director, Cambodia Movement for Health,

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