Cambodia WNTD 2012 activities

Media was used wisely to disseminate the theme of the WNTD 2012 to policy makers and public. This year the WNTD theme aims at de-normalizing tobacco industry, its deadly products and its so called “Corporate Social Responsibility”(CSR). This is the most appropriated chance to reveal tobacco industry tactics in subverting tobacco control policies and to call for “Stop Tobacco Industry Interference in Public Health Policies”.

 There was also opportunity to advocate to government to pass the Law on Tobacco Control, adopt the Sub-Decree on Smoke-Free Environment and to effectively enforce the approved Sub-Decree on TAPS Ban and the Sub-Decree on Health Warning.

 Below are some of the recorded media activities initiated by Cambodia Movement for Health (CMH) in partnership with WHO, media agencies and other tobacco control advocates.


(1)  Talk-show at TVHM’s Express News from 7:15-7:30 on 28 May 2012. The FCTC oriented lawyer was the speaker.


(2)  Interview of the famous SEATV’s Well-Being Program with the CMH’s  Executive Director on WNTD 2012, was aired on 28 May, replayed on 01 June 2012.   


(3)  Talk-show on AM918 at a very popular program “Our lives our Society” was lived on 29 May 2012 and repeated the same time on 01 June 2012. The CMH Executive Director, the National Professional Office of WHO TFI and the FCTC oriented lawyer were the speakers. The show was connected to 7 radio channels (FM96, FM92.5, FM99.5, FM98.5, FM93, FM98.7, FM92.7) that can be heard in even rural areas.


(4)  Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) had live interview on WNTD 2012 with the Executive Director of CMH on 30 May 2012. The interview was aired at ten FM channels (FM101.5, FM102, FM92.7, FM90.5, FM96.5, FM102.5, FM98.7, FM89.5, FM99.5, FM99.7), which were heard in rural provinces.


(5)  A Press Conference on WNTD with the Launching of Smoke-Free Sports was organized on 30 May at at the Olympic National Stadium.


National Professional Officer of WHO TFI Cambodia and the Executive Director of CMH highlighted the WNTD theme and Article 5.3 while the Department of Sport of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport talked about smoke-free sports launching to support the WNTD 2012.


Reporters from 21 media agencies participated in the press conference. As result, 31 articles/features/ stories of the press conference were aired, published and uploaded at 9 television channels, 7 radio channels, 10 newspapers, and 5 websites. Some articles/features/stories were repeated 2 to 3 times in television and radio.


(6)  Talk-show on WNTD 2012 at TV Bayon’ s Knowledge Line was lived on 31 May 2012. One of our champions from the Council of Ministers, the FCTC’s oriented lawyer and the National Professional Officer of WHO TFI Cambodia were the speakers. The talk-show was repeated on 01 June 2012.



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