Cambodian Delegates Study Visit to Malaysia for Tobacco Tax

World Health Organization (WHO) Cambodia in collaboration with Southeast Asia Tobacco Control (SEATCA) has organized a study visit for Cambodian delegates to Royal Malaysian Customs and Health Promotion Board Malaysia from 24th to 25th February 2010. The study visit is part of the Southeast Asia Initiative on Tobacco Tax (SITT) coordinated by SEATCA and supported through The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. About 12 delegates from the Royal Government of Cambodia, represented by senior officials from the Cambodia Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of Health, Council of Ministers and the National Assembly along with representative from SEATCA and the Clearinghouse for Tobacco Control (C-Tob), Universiti Sains Malaysia have participated in the study visit. The aim of the visit was to learn from Malaysia’s experience in advancing tobacco tax and price measure including challenges and lessons learned for strengthening tobacco tax policy.  




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