Find out policymakers’ common questions on health promotion and answered here

  • The Ministry of Health (MOH) can request a larger budget for health promotion activities. Thus there is no need for another agency.
  • A surcharge tax is counter to financial discipline and traditional practice.
  • A surcharge tax will put further burden to the tobacco/alcohol industry.
  • Many existing funds do not work well, why another one? How can we guarantee that this fund will work?
  • Why should tobacco and alcohol tax be used to address problems caused by other risk factors?
  • How do we know the size of the budget for a health promotion foundation?
  • It will be too hard to gain support in the parliament.
  • Who should be the one driving the process for setting up a health promotion foundation?
  • How will we know if the public will support the establishment of the health promotion foundation?
  • How to find evidence supporting the establishment of a health promotion foundation?
  • The timing has to be right for setting up a health promotion foundation.


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