Global Smokefree Partnership Awards

Global Smokefree Partnership Awards

for leadership and excellence in promoting effective smokefree policies

Call for Nominations 2009

The Global Smokefree Partnership is organising the fourth edition of the awards aimed at:

1. recognising outstanding leadership and excellence in promoting effective smokefree policies worldwide by individuals and organisations

2. validating and encouraging actions to promote smokefree policies

 Nominations are invited for this fourth edition of the awards in the following categories:

1. Administrators and governmental bodies – for exceptional leadership or commitment to further smokefree policies by an non-elected government employee or by a governmental agency

2. Civil society and campaigners – for outstanding, sustained action or for an outstanding advocacy and/or political campaign to promote smokefree policies by a non-governmental organisation or alliance

3. Researchers – for an outstanding, sustained contribution to the evidence-base for effective smokefree policies or for an outstanding research paper or report which furthers the evidence base for such policies

4. Extraordinary award – for exceptional and outstanding commitment to promote smokefree legislation at the national level in order to facilitate the implementation of Article 8 of the FCTC

Nominations will be accepted from current Partnership member organisations only.

On closure of nominations, a list of all nominees will be circulated to the Partnership’s Steering Group. Selection of the awardees will be made by an appointed committee with representation from diverse regions and stakeholders.

The Selection Committee will receive a list of nominees, together with supporting materials. The Selection Committee will review nominations and meet by teleconference to agree on their recommended awardees. Recommendations for awardees will be made with reference to the stated aims of the awards.

The Selection Committee’s recommendations will then be submitted to the Steering Group for endorsement. The 2008 awardees will be informed immediately thereafter.

Nominations should include:

    Name of nominee
    Category of nomination
    Brief statement of achievement for which nomination is made (25 words or less)
    Letter of support (up to 750 words) from the nominating Partner organisation, including a detailed description of the suitability of the nominee for the award
    Up to two (2) letters of support from relevant individuals or organisations (optional)

Partner organisations are restricted to a maximum of one nomination in each category.
Incomplete nominations will not be considered.

Nominations must be submitted by e-mail to Antonella Cardone with a copy to Ami Valdemoro .

The deadline for submission is midnight CEST (18h EST) on Wednesday 30th September 2009.

The awards will be presented at the IUATLD 40th World Congress in Cancun, Mexico 3-7 December 2009.



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