Govt to Tighten Regulation on Tobacco Sponsorship

21 August 2017:

TEMPO.COJakarta – The government will tighten regulation on tobacco sponsorship as an indicator for child-friendly districts or municipalities. Deputy for Child Development of Women Empowerment and Child Protection Lenny Rosalin said that her team will add an indicator that would force a ban on promotion and sponsorship in smoke-free areas (KTR) next year.

Earlier, an indicator to get the predicate of a child-friendly city (KLA) was the absence of tobacco advertisement in public spaces and child spaces. It was eventually decided that tobacco sponsorship and promotion are banned in smoke-free public facilities, such as schools, hospitals and public transportation.

“Sponsorship and promotion are one of the forms of marketing that affected children as demonstrated by tobacco sponsorships in youth events,” Lenny said. He has called on local governments to innovate and revise regulations for the good of the children.

Tobacco Control Special Agency chairwoman Widaystuti Soerojo said that promotion and sponsorship are one of many ways for tobacco products to be marketed among youngsters as advertisements in smoke-free areas (KTR) are already banned.

Sponsorship and promotion at school events would allow installment of banners and ornaments belonging to tobacco companies.

“Psychologically, the tobacco brands are being remembered by the children,” Lenny said in a discussion about tobacco promotion and sponsorship ban to protect children. Lisda Sundar, head of Yayasan Lentera Anak, has expressed her support for stricter regulation on tobacco sponsorship and promotion at school or public facilities.

She also criticized tobacco advertisement in food stalls located near schools. “The tobacco industry used to advertise on billboards, but now advertisement are mostly displayed in the form of banners because they are cheaper, easier and can be installed even in the most remote areas,” he said.



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