HOW to advocate for the Health Promotion Fund?

Campaigning to increase/dedicated tax

  1. Key campaign strategies
  • Identify a campaign leader
  • Organize a coalition of supporters
  • Establish an evidence base
  • Assess public opinion
  • Plan an extensive public awareness campaign
  • Prepare draft legislation

Successful lobbying and advocacy for change

  • Case study: Victorian
  • Letter-writing campaign

Lessons learnt

  • Present a consistent, evidence-based rationale that is persuasive for decision-makers.
  • Specify the financing mechanism and use of the funds.
  • Pay close attention to implementation.
  • Form partnerships in all sectors of society for the establishment of an earmarked fund and to counter opposition.
  • Build strong political support, and use political champions.
  • Be patient and persistent, and identify opportunities for policy change.
  • Think globally while acting locally.

Key steps to success



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