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How does illicit tobacco trade take place?

12 July 2021 Manjari Peiris. Source: Daily Mail Online Very often we happen to find news published in print media about seizure of illicit cigarettes in Sri Lanka. What is Illicit Tobacco Trade? The World Health

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The Tobacco Endgame

26 May 2021 JeffreyWillettPhD, StephanAchenbachMD, Fausto J.PintoMD, PhD, AthenaPoppasMD, Mitchell S.V.ElkindMD, MS. Source: Science Direct Eradicating a Worsening Epidemic A Joint Opinion From the American Heart Association, World Heart Federation, American College of Cardiology, and

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Open letter to Nikkei

17 May 2021 Bangkok: SEATCA joins renowned organizations in tobacco control in expressing concern over the tobacco industry’s sponsorship in the 26th International Conference on the Future of Asia. The letter reminds the secretariat of

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The tobacco industry, 2020: a snapshot

9 December 2020 Ruth E Malone, BMJ Journals: Abstract Tobacco Control as a journal has long been focused not only on addressing the negative disease-promoting impacts of tobacco products but on the industry that produced them.

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