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Vaping Illness Tracker: 2,602 Cases and 59 Deaths

13 January 2020 Jonathan Corum Cases and Deaths The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state agencies have reported 2,602 lung injury cases that required hospitalization and 59 deaths linked to vaping. Vaping-related emergency room visits peaked in

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Instagram e-cigarette posts banned by ad watchdog

18 December 2019 Jane Wakefield Four vaping companies, including British American Tobacco (BAT), have had Instagram posts promoting e-cigarettes banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The posts showed models and celebrities such as Lily

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How Juul Hooked a Generation on Nicotine

23 November 2019 Jeenah Moon The company planted the seeds of a public health crisis by marketing to millennials, who had low smoking rates, and it ignored evidence that teenagers were using its products. SAN

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Turkey switches to plain packaging to deter smokers

4 December 2019 Daily Sabah Turkey will switch to plain packaging for cigarettes and tobacco products on Thursday. The Agriculture and Forestry Ministry overseeing the implementation of the regulation announced that manufacturers will begin producing

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