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Is It Time to Quit Vaping?

22 September 2019 Karen Zraick and Jacey Fortin Health officials have recommended that people refrain from using e-cigarettes as they investigate a severe lung illness that has killed eight people. Here are some things to consider. Allegations

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Teenage Vaping Rises Sharply Again This Year

18 September 2019 Sheila Kaplan Preliminary figures from a national survey show that the prevalence of e-cigarette use among minors has doubled from 2017 through this year, despite national campaigns warning of the dangers. WASHINGTON

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UK attacked for defence of flavoured e-cigarettes

14 September 2019 Jamie Doward and Tali Fraser European tobacco control expert echoes Donald Trump’s concerns about e-cigarettes designed to mimic the taste of sweets and desserts The government agency charged with protecting the nation’s

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Juul Illegally Marketed E-Cigarettes, F.D.A. Says

9 September 2019 Sheila Kaplan and Matt Richtel The agency sent a warning letter to the company, saying it violated regulations by touting its vaping products as safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes. Juul Labs, the dominant e-cigarette

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We Still Don’t Know How Safe Vaping Is

5 September 2019 The Editorial Board With dozens of people becoming sick from a vaping-related illness, it’s time to get more information about the risks of e-cigarettes. This editorial has been updated to reflect news developments. Health

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Trump administration moves to ban flavored e-cigarettes

11 September 2019 Maegan Vazquez and Betsy Klein (CNN)President Donald Trump said Wednesday that the US Food and Drug Administration would be putting out “some very strong recommendations” regarding the use of flavored e-cigarettes in “a couple of weeks.”

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Why vaping could give you cavities

11 July 2019 Danielle Kosecki If you aren’t already diligently brushing and flossing your teeth every day, your Juuling habit could have serious consequences for your mouth. You might already know that vaping comes with many health risks,

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Sweet lure on vaping

7 July 2019 Mandy Squires Shops tempt young CHILDREN as young as 12 are taking up vaping — lured with lolly flavours and in the mistaken belief it is safe.  Record numbers of teens and

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