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Why vaping could give you cavities

11 July 2019 Danielle Kosecki If you aren’t already diligently brushing and flossing your teeth every day, your Juuling habit could have serious consequences for your mouth. You might already know that vaping comes with many health risks,

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Sweet lure on vaping

7 July 2019 Mandy Squires Shops tempt young CHILDREN as young as 12 are taking up vaping — lured with lolly flavours and in the mistaken belief it is safe.  Record numbers of teens and

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How Juul Is Like Big Tobacco

11 June 2019 A retired scientist faults the company for trying to recruit researchers who will produce science it can rely on for public relations purposes. Juul’s effort to fund scientists who research the health

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House Democrats Launch Investigation Into Juul

13 June 2019 Lachlan Markay In a little noticed letter, Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) demanded extensive internal records from the vaping company. A key House committee has opened an investigation into nicotine vape giant Juul

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Big Tobacco’s shadowy new play

18 May 2019 Tim Elliott With health authorities stubbing out much of Big Tobacco’s business, and vaping on the rise, one of the industry’s biggest players says it plans to stop selling cigarettes. Is that

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