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How to cut smoking in poor countries

1 June 2017: The recipe to get people to quit is well-known. Why are so many governments ignoring it? IN SOME rich countries ex-smokers now outnumber those who still puff on. But in many poor

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smokers lung cancer

26 May 2017: Cigarettes branded as “low tar” could have made smokers more vulnerable to the most common form of lung cancer, according to scientists. Experts investigated why rates of adenocarcinoma, a tumour that grows

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Exposing the hydra of Big Tobacco

8 May 2017: FROM the early 1980s, Australian governments of all persuasions pursued the tobacco control agenda with vigour and determination. “Quit” campaigns established around the country from 1983 used mass media to educate the

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Tobacco: a threat to development?

24 April 2017: In keeping with the broader understanding that tobacco is not merely a threat to individual health but to the cause of social and environmental justice, the theme for World No-Tobacco Day this

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The shifting rationales for vaping

1 March 2017: A new study harnesses social media data to explore—in their own words—the reasons people use e-cigarettes and why they started vaping in the first place. Nearly half of people say they began

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Shanghai expands anti-smoking rules

2 March 2017: SHANGHAI — Shanghai widened its ban on public smoking Wednesday as China’s biggest city steps up efforts to stub out the massive health threat despite conflicts of interest with the state-owned tobacco

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