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United Nations agency gives EU a tobacco warning

Top official tells Commission to steer clear of the industry as it works on new smuggling controls. The United Nations public health agency in charge of tobacco control has warned EU policymakers to keep their distance from industry as

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The secret bribes of big tobacco paper trail

The BBC’s Panorama programme has spent five months investigating bribery at British American Tobacco. BAT says it conducts its business with honesty, integrity and transparency, and has strict anti-bribery rules. But the BBC obtained hundreds

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The secret bribes of big tobacco

By Richard Bilton BBC Panorama A BBC investigation has uncovered evidence of bribery at one of the UK’s biggest companies. Panorama found British American Tobacco illegally paid politicians and civil servants in countries in East

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Raise tobacco tariff to curb smokers

The World Health Organization has estimated the number of smokers in Kingdom at nearly 6 million. The number is expected to reach 10 million by 2020. Saudis have been spending about SR15 billion annually to

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