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Transparency, Yes. Interference, No.

5 September 2016 There was a time when public health discussions on tobacco were an extraordinarily open process. Government officials met a wide range of people and listened to their concerns and ideas as they

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The doctor who beat big tobacco

When Dr Bronwyn King discovered her pension fund was investing in the cigarette companies that were killing her cancer patients, she was staggered. And she knew she had to act 1 August 2016 On Good

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Phillip Morris loses tough-on-tobacco lawsuit in Uruguay

Latest updates 16 July 2016 The World Bank’s International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) ruled in favor of Uruguay on Friday in a suit filed by Philip Morris International seeking compensation for

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Why raise tobacco tax

8 June 2016 Globally health advocates have been pressing their governments to raise tobacco taxes to reduce tobacco consumption, especially among young people. Tobacco industry also has argued that tobacco taxes need to be kept

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Hong Kong must adopt plain tobacco packaging

31 May 2016 Jeanette Wang Three-quarters of Hongkongers support restrictions on logos, colours and brand images on cigarette and other tobacco product packs in a bid to further reduce smoking We’ve all chosen products

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Contesting the Science of Smoking

4 May 2016 A decade after a judge ordered tobacco companies to acknowledge the dangers of low-tar cigarettes, they continue to dispute the scientific consensus. In a landmark ruling nearly a decade ago, a federal

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