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Stopping smoking is a win-win situation

Health and finances, especially among the lower paid, are both hit by addiction The message that stopping smoking is a great way to save money is getting more attention in public health circles, and for

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The Uncertainties About E-Cigarettes

In “Can E-Cigarettes Save Lives?” (column, Oct. 17), Joe Nocera expresses certainty about the health benefits of e-cigarettes and argues that it is time to “forget about the F.D.A.” in regulating these products. Whether e-cigarettes

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Tobacco Carve-Out in TPP, Major Victory for Public Health

WASHINGTON, Oct. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — In a major victory for public health, negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement concluded this morning with built-in protections to prevent private corporations from suing governments over anti-tobacco regulations.

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UK: Cigarette design

Illicit, smuggled tobacco is an issue that deserves a serious response. Unfortunately, the Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association’s (TMA) recent article (17 September) fails to deliver. It disregards reliable evidence on illicit tobacco in favour of misinformation.

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Public smokers to be jailed

SMOKING in public will attract a fine of $500 or six months in jail after the country has aligned the Public Health Act on Tobacco Control Regulation 264 of 2001 with the World Health Organisation

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The Poison in Your E-Cigarettes

If you think e-cigs are a safer alternative to regular cigarettes, think again. An independent study from the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) this week has offered new evidence that e-cigarettes contain cancer-causing agents. If the research holds up, the devices’

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Clashing Views on E-Cigarettes

A British government agency has issued a bullish assessment of the value of electronic cigarettes in helping people to quit smoking. It found that e-cigarettes can reduce the health risks of smoking by 95 percent because

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