Laos: Mass Media Workshop on Ad Ban Decree

Since the last Media Workshop in May 2010 on LAO PDR Tobacco Control Law, another workshop has been organized last 5th May 2011.  The Ministry of Information and Culture(MOIC), Ministry of Health, together with the SEATCA/Southeast Initiative on Tobacco Tax team, organized a mass media workshop to seek media’s support in the enforcement and implemention of the Ad Ban Decree which was approved since August 2010.

The half day workshop was held at the Ministry of Information and Culture. It was chaired by Mr. Pineprathana Phanthamaly, Director of Media Department, MOIC. A total of 55 participants, mainly editors and journalists from newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, and the team from the mass media department.

The purpose of this workshop is to educate the media on the Ad Ban Decree, and reiterate the call to implement the LAO PDR TC Law. Furthermore, they were briefed about the current tobacco industry advertisement tactics, and how they can help the TC Unit  to monitor and alert on the Tobacco Company’s illegal advertisements.