Light up, pay up: Smoking to be banned at all bus stops in Taipei Jan. 1

10 December 2016:

A full smoking ban on all bus stops will be implemented in Taipei City on Jan. 1 with a maximum fine of NT$10,000 for violators

(File photo courtesy of Taipei City)

A complete ban on smoking at bus stops in Taipei will be instituted with effect from Jan. 1 next year, the city’s health department said Saturday. 

The new regulation will expand a current ban that is in place at 155 bus stops located on 15 dedicated bus lanes, the health department said.

With effect from Jan. 1 next year, smoking will be banned at 1,150 waiting areas at 932 bus stops in Taipei City, and violators will be subject to a maximum fine of NT$10,000 (US$314), the department said.

The latest move is part of the city’s efforts to create a smoke-free outdoor environment and goes another step beyond its smoking ban on sidewalks near 180 elementary, middle and high schools.

In October, the city also banned smoking in the Xinyi shopping district, which has now become the first smoke-free shopping area in Taipei.