National meeting on the Lao Tobacco Control Fund and National Adult Tobacco Survey(NATS) dissemination, Lao PDR

Last September 24, 2013, the National Tobacco Control Committee together with Ministry of Health, World Health Organization and SEATCA organized a meeting on Tobacco Control fund and National Adult Tobacco Survey dissemination at Mercure Hotel, Vientiane, Laos. Chairing the meeting were Dr. Nao Boutta, Director of Cabinet Office, Ministry of Health, Dr. Liu Yyunguo , WHO representative of Lao PDR and Dr. Phat Keungsaneth, Director General of Hygiene and Health Promotion Department, who is also the secretariat of National Tobacco Control Committee. 70 participants attended, coming from the Ministry of Health, Health facilities, Ministry of Education and Sports, National Assembly, Ministry of Finance, Health University, Ministry of Information-Culture and Tourism, National Defense, Mass Media, ADRA and other related sectors.

Dr. Keungsaneth presented on the progress of FCTC implementation in Lao PDR, focusing on the 5 effective measures to reduce tobacco use (Art.12,6,11,13,8).

1 2 6 4 5 3

The key findings of the NATS survey were also shared, and recommendations were provided. For full results of this study, please contact Ms. Vathsana Konsengphengphet,

(By V. Konsengphengphet)