New Study on Economic Effects of Display Bans

A recent study published in Tobacco Control finds that Ireland’s point-of-sale (POS) display ban has had no significant short-term effects on retailers’ revenue beyond seasonal patterns or a general downward trend.  Findings are based on analyses of weekly retail sales data from 2006-2009 and bi-monthly audit data from 2007-2009 collected by AC Neilson, Ireland. 


 Key Messages

  • Point-of-sale tobacco promotion is a powerful form of advertising that is especially effective with youth and smokers trying to quit.
  • Comprehensive bans of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship reduce tobacco use.
  • Comprehensive bans must include bans on advertising and product displays at the point of sale.

Additional Resources:

Full citation: Quinn C, Lewis S, Edwards R, McNeill A. Economic evaluation of the removal of tobacco promotional displays in Ireland. Tobacco Control. 2011;20:151-5.

A link to the abstract [English only] can be found at:

Tobacco Control is an internationally peer-reviewed journal covering the nature and consequences of tobacco use worldwide. The journal is for health professionals and others in tobacco control and is a publication of the British Medical Journal.

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