OxyRomandie’s Support to SEATCA

SEATCA has the full support of OxyRomandie (Switzerland) in your fight against the vicious and indecent attack by ITIC of which SEATCA is the victim, and which also targets and denigrates the FCTC Secretariat and WHO. 
We agree with your open letter and concur that one cannot tolerate this arrogant attempt by what looks like a puppet of the tobacco industry to intimidate SEATCA, a NGO which the global public health community has in high esteem, and, through this intimidation, to try to silence civil society, whose participation, according to Article 4.7 of the FCTC, “is essential in achieving the objective of the Convention and its protocols.” 
Pascal Diethelm
President, OxyRomandie
2 rue de la Fontaine
CH-1204 Geneva (Switzerland)