Philippines: Ban smoking nationwide – DOH

13 February 2017:

MANILA, Philippines – Despite the delay in the approval of an executive order, the Department of Health (DOH) has remained firm in its efforts to adopt a nationwide smoking ban.

Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial said yesterday they continue to follow up the draft executive order, which is still awaiting President Duterte’s signature.

“We have been making constant and regular follow-ups with the Office of the President on the order,” Ubial said.

“We remain confident that the President will be signing the EO (soon). We are optimistic on that.”

The President was expected to sign the draft last October.

Under the proposed EO, smoking may only be allowed in open spaces and posters warning of the ill effects of smoking must be displayed prominently.

Every hour, an estimated 10 Filipino people die due to cancer and other smoking-related diseases.