Philippines: FDA Warns Public Against Vape Juice Containing ‘Mamon’ or Illegal Drugs

5 September 2020

Sethe, Philippines News:

FDA Warns Public Against Vape Juice Containing Illegal Drugs

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned the public about a brand of Vape juice containing illegal drugs or Marie Juana being sold on the market.

The FDA blocked a brand of e-cigarette or vape juice when it was found to contain liquid, Marie Juana. The FDA warns against buying and using vapor product refill or e-cigarette juice with the brand name Gluttony and flavor or variant “Mamon”

Vape Juice Containing Mamon
Image Source: ABS-CBN News

According to the report of ABS-CBN News, the advisory came out when they found it is positive for the substance cannabinol. The brand named “GLUTONNY MAMON’.

“The Food and Drug Administration warns the public from purchasing and using the vapor product refill ‘GLUTONNY MAMON’ which tested positive for the presence of cannabinol,” said on the advisory.

In the FDA advisory, they said liquid cannabis or better known Marie Juana was found in a product. And this could be considered a drug under Republic Act No. 9165 of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drug Act of 2002.

In this regard, the FDA advised the public not to enjoy such a product because it is dangerous to health. The agency also warned of penalties for establishments that distribute or sell the said product.

The FDA is already mobilizing law enforcement agencies and local government units to ensure that Gluttony “Mamon” is not being sold in the market.


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