Philippines: Vape not a good alternative to cigarettes, DOH warns

17 January 2019
CNN Philippines Staff

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, January 16) — The Department of Health (DOH) on Wednesday renewed its warning against the use of electronic cigarettes, commonly known as “vape,” saying it is not a good alternative to tobacco.

Health Undersecretary Eric Domingo said vape still contains nicotine which makes it addicting like a cigarette.

Ang natatakot ang Department of Health is pag-vape sila, tapos later maaadik sila sa nicotine, at magiging tobacco smoker sila. So hindi po ito nakabubuti,” Domingo said in a briefing in Malacanang.

[Translator: What the Department of Health is afraid of is they may get addicted to nicotine, then become tobacco smokers.]

The statement comes as the government seeks to impose higher excise tax on tobacco products. President Rodrigo Duterte earlier approved a proposal backed by the DOH and the Department of Finance to certify as urgent pending measures in the Congress that seek to increase excise taxes on alcohol and tobacco products.

The DOH also reiterated its call for the regulation of vapes.

Kailangan ma-regulate siya for content at saka for safety. At kung mayroon silang claim na ito ay gagamitin as a quitting aid,” Domingo said.

[Translator: Vapes have to be regulated for content and safety, and if there is a claim that it will be used as a way to quit smoking.]

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