PHW implementation in Indonesia

24 June 2014 is the deadline for all tobacco industries in Indonesia to ensure pictorial health warnings are on their packs.

At Plaza Senayan in downtown Jakarta, tobacco control advocates held an event to remind remind the industry to follow the law, and to seek the support of the public in monitoring stores, and ensuring packs being sold indeed have these 5 warnings.

As of 1 pm, only 6 brands out of the 3,393 brnads, and 2 companies out of 672 in the Indonesian market carried the warnings.

It was a day of rejoicing for the advocates, as they unite to remind them, that there is no excuse but to be 100 percent fully compliant with the Government Regulations. Anything less than 100 percent compliance is breaking the law.  (See related news, and SEATCA’s statement here)




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