Pontianak, Indonesia: SFE Ordinance launch

Last April 14, 2011, the Mayor of Pontianak Sutarmidji, officially launched the 100 percent SFE Ordinance in a festive and grand program attended by around 200 people from various institutions and organizations of Pontianak, Jakarta and other provinces.   There were exhibitions and display of counter advertisements, contests for children and adults, and urine CO testing.

In his speech, Mayor Sutarmidji apologized for the misperception his town of Pontianak had fostered that smoking is allowed, when it is not.   He called on his officials to stop smoking and commended those who have succeeded in quitting.
He also presented the link between smoking and poverty in Pontianak, so those under his poverty program will be encouraged and commit to stop smoking, though he understands how difficult, but doable it is.

Other Indonesian cities working on SFE ordinances, are Palembang, Payakumbuh, and hopefully followed by Bukittinggi.

A representative of the local parliament also spoke during the launch.

(With reports and images from Dr. T. Soerojo)

For more information, or for copies of the smoke-free ordinance, please email: joy@seatca.org

The Mayor’s message on the billboard says:
“If you want to smoke, don’t share it with others.  Smoke outside”
Exhibition on counter ads: results of contest among school children and urine testing desk

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