Indonesia: Prohibition of Cigarettes Sold per Stick, YLKI Effective Value Suppresses Smoking Teenagers

29 December 2022

Editor: Eka G Putra,

JAKARTA (RIAUPOS.CO) – Chairman of the Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI) Tulus Abadi said President Joko Widodo’s (Jokowi) plan to ban the sale of ketengan cigarettes in Indonesia needs to be appreciated. According to him, this step is an effective way to reduce the prevalence of smoking in Indonesia. “The ban on the sale of cigarettes in moderation, this is a policy that deserves appreciation, because it is one of the most effective ways of controlling smoking to reduce the prevalence of smoking in Indonesia, especially among poor households, children and adolescents,” said Tulus Abadi in a statement, Thursday (29/29). 12/2022).

He considered that the ban on the sale of ketengan was also an effective step to support the effectiveness of increasing cigarette excise. “So far, the increase in excise tax has not been effective in reducing the prevalence and consumption of cigarettes, because cigarettes are still sold in containers, sold like candy, so the price is affordable,” he added. Furthermore, he said the ban on the sale of cigarettes in bulk is also in line with the spirit stipulated in Law Number 39 of 2007 concerning Excise. In the Excise Law it is stated that for goods which are addictive and have a negative impact on users and the environment, their distribution is limited.

Nevertheless, he hopes that supervision of this ban can be carried out more strictly if it is implemented. In this case it is necessary to pay attention to the matter of sanctions that will be applied if there is a violation of these rules. “Meanwhile, what must be monitored is what is the practice in the field, and what are the sanctions for those who violate it. Don’t let the ban on the sale of ketengan become a toothless tiger,” he said.

Previously reported, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) planned to ban the sale of cigarettes in ketengan. This was stated in Presidential Decree (Keppres) Number 25 of 2022. Presidential Decree 25/2022 contains a program for drafting government regulations for 2023. The program for drafting regulations regulates plans to ban the sale of cigarette sticks. The ban on the sale of stick cigarettes is at point 6 of Presidential Decree 25/2022. Point 6 has the title ‘Draft Government Regulation, concerning Amendments to Government Regulation Number 109 of 2022, regarding the Protection of Materials Containing Addictive Substances in the Form of Tobacco Products for Health’.

The basis for making the draft government regulation is in Article 116, Law Number 36 of 2009, concerning health. In the draft government regulation, there are seven main content materials. One of them regulates the prohibition of selling cigarettes. Then, the addition of the percentage of health warning images and writings on tobacco products, provisions for electronic cigarettes; Prohibition of advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products in information technology media.

Furthermore, supervision of advertising, promotion, sponsorship of tobacco products in indoor and outdoor broadcast media, and information technology media; enforcement and prosecution, media technology and implementation of smoking-free areas.

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