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SEATCA FCTC Scorecard 2023 (PDF 1.1mb)
SEATCA has developed a WHO FCTC Scorecard to gauge FCTC implementation of specific FCTC articles. It is based on the FCTC guidelines and is now in its fourth iteration. It monitors implementation in the 10 ASEAN countries but can be adapted by other Parties.

Success and challenge of banning new tobacco products – HK’s experience (PDF 2.4mb)
In 2021, Hong Kong successfully reduced its smoking prevalence to 9.5% from 23.3% in 1982. The Government has committed to the target of reducing smoking prevalence further to 7.8% by 2025 as part of a strategic action plan to prevent and control noncommunicable diseases in Hong Kong. The target will require ambitious measures to reduce cigarette use, but also to prevent any new tobacco products from entering the local market. Banning new tobacco products is an essential step in Hong Kong’s tobacco control efforts.


The ASEAN Tobacco Control Atlas

FCTC Scorecard

Tobacco Industry Interference

Tobacco Tax

Sustainable Financing for Health Promotion and Tobacco Control

Smoke-Free Environments

Packaging and Labelling of Tobacco Products

Tobacco Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship

Tobacco Farming

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