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Smoke-Free Index: Implementation of Article 8 of the WHO Framework convention on Tobacco Control (Protection from Exposure to Tobacco Smoke) in ASEAN Countries, 2020 PDF 1.3mb
This Index is based on the WHO FCTC Article 8 Guidelines which shows an update on the smoke-free laws and its enforcement in the 10 countries in the ASEAN region. The 2020 version includes a section on the tobacco industry’s smoke-free lie as they use the term “smoke-free” to refer to heated tobacco products and electronic nicotine delivery systems as they claim to transform its business by switching smokers of traditional cigarettes to its new tobacco products in order to achieve a “smoke-free future”. Clearly, the tobacco industry is not serious about achieving this goal, as it continues its massive production and aggressive worldwide marketing of traditional cigarettes and unabashedly continues to undermine tobacco control efforts of countries dedicated to creating 100% smoke-free environments. At the same time, e-cigarettes are creating a new generation of nicotine addicts and hindering those who want to quit smoking for good. 

Still Defective: Asia Illicit Tobacco Indicator 2017 Report
This critique, authored by Dr. Hana Ross, Principal Research Officer of the Economics of Tobacco Control Project at the University of Cape Town, uncovers the poor quality of data used by Oxford Economics (OE), identifies multiple deficiencies in OE’s study methodology, and exposes the deceptive presentation of the study results to provide distorted illicit tobacco data in Asia and attempt to promote tobacco as essential products. PDF 5.3mb

Today’s Teens, Tomorrow’s Customers:Baiting Youths With New Tobacco Products  to Create a New Generation of Addicts
This report shows parallel strategies used by the tobacco industry to grow its cigarette business that are now being used to market and sell ENDS (such as e-cigarettes) and heated tobacco products (HTPs) in ASEAN, where youth exposures to and prevalence use of these products are already increasing. The report concludes with policy recommendations to ban these products when possible, or to enforce restrictions such as prohibiting use of flavors, applying comprehensive TAPS ban, and taxing ENDS and HTPs at a rate that reduces affordability.
PDF 6.7mb

Packaging Design Analysis to Support Standardised Packaging in the ASEAN PDF 5.4mb

This report analyses cigarette packaging design strategies and promotional elements used by industry to subvert and dilute the effectiveness of existing regulations on pictorial health warnings and bans on tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship that are implemented in ASEAN countries.

SEATCA Tobacco Packaging and Labelling Index: Implementation of Article 11 of the WHO Framework convention on Tobacco Control in ASEAN Countries 2019 PDF 3.5mb

This Index provides a detailed review of country’s progress in implementing packaging and labelling requirements according to the recommendations of the FCTC Article 11 Guidelines across the 10 ASEAN countries. It identifies gaps and areas for improvement in the existing policies in each country that help governments to further strengthen the implementation of health warning legislations and move toward plain packaging.
2016: PDF 7.6m