Regional media and media officers attend the Regional Workshop on Tobacco Taxation and Illicit Trade

22-23 May 2014, Manila: journalists from Indonesia, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam were invited to participate in the regional tax workshop.  Along with them, media officers from organizations from partner countries also came.

It was an opportunity for them to learn more about the issue, specifically on tobacco taxes in other countries, listen to experts on updates on these issues, specifically illicit trade of cigarettes.  The journalists and media officers also had the chance to meet and interview SEATCA director Bungon Rithiphakdee, WHO-WPRO Team Leader for Healthy Cities and Communities, Dr Susan Mercado, WHO Philippine Representative Dr. Julie Hall and Undersecretary for Health Dr. Teodoro Herbosa, and SEATCA Initiative on Tobacco Tax project director, Dr Ulysses Dorotheo, during a press conference.

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