Tobacco Control Laws

orange arrow jrTobacco Regulations Amendments 2012 (pdf 2.5mb)

– Tobacco (Labelling) (Amendment) Regulations, 2012: New set of 7 rotating pictorial health warnings (PHWs) covering 75% of upper front and back panels of cigarette packs effective September 2012.
– Tobacco (Prohibition in Certain Places) (Amendment) Notification, 2012: expands non-smoking public areas

orange arrow jrTobacco Order 2005 (pdf 75kb)

An Order to prohibit advertisements relating to smoking, to control the use of tobacco products, to control the sale, promotion, packaging and trade description of tobacco products, to prohibit smoking in specified places and vehicles and to provide for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto

orange arrow jrBrunei (Labelling) Regulations, 2007 (pdf 5.2mb)

orange arrow jrTobacco (Prohibition in Certain Places) Notification, 2007 (pdf 1mb)