Tobacco Control Laws

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Health Law (Law No. 17 of 2023) (Bahasa pdf 2mb)

orange arrow jrLaw No 7/2021 on Harmonization of Tax Regulations (pdf 12.1mb)

orange arrow jrRegulation of the Health Minister Number 152/ PMK.010/2019 on Second Amendment to the regulation of the Minister of Finance Number 146/PMK.010/2017 on Excise Tariffs for Tobacco Products (pdf 377kb)

orange arrow jrRegulation of the Health Minister Number 56 of 2017 Amendments concerning the application of health warnings and health information to tobacco products packaging (pdf 9.1mb)

orange arrow jrRegulation of the Health Minister Number Number 50 of 2016. Guideline for managing conflict of interest with Tobacco Industry (pdf, English 164kb, Bahasa 120kb)

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Regulation of Education and Culture Number 64 of 2015. Tobacco-free school premises (pdf 75kb)

orange arrow jrRegulation of the Health Minister Number 28 of 2013. Imprinting of health Warnings and Health Information on Tobacco Product Packaging (English pdf 1.8mb, Bahasa pdf 5.1mb)

orange arrow jrAnnex, Minister of Health Regulation Number 28 of 2013. Inclusion of Health Warnings and Health Information on Packaging of Tobacco Products (pdf 1.5mb)

orange arrow jrGovernment Regulation (PP) No.109 Year 2012 (pdf 2.8mb)

orange arrow jrRegulation Number 109, Year 2012, Concerning Control of Materials that Contain Addictive Substances in Tobacco Products in the Interests of Health (pdf 16mb)

orange arrow jrLaw Number 33, Year 2009 on Film (pdf 3.4mb)

orange arrow jrLaw on Tobacco Control Related Causes in Health Bill, 2009 (pdf 5mb)

orange arrow jr Law No. 39 on Excise Tax Year 2007 (pdf 139kb)

orange arrow jrRegulation Number 19, Year 2003, Concerning Safety Measures for Smoking and Health (pdf 7.5mb)

orange arrow jrLaw Number 32, Year 2002 on Broadcasting (pdf 4.3mb)

orange arrow jrAmendment to Regulation Number 81, Year 1999, On Control of the Impacts of Tobacco on Health (pdf 3.7mb)

orange arrow jrRegulation Number 81, Year 1999, Pacification of Cigarettes for Health (pdf 90mb)

orange arrow jrLaw Number 40, Year 1999, About Press (pdf 4mb)