Tobacco Control Laws

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Guidelines on Interactions with Tobacco Industry (English 12mb, Burmese 12mb)

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“Unofficial Version” Order of Printing Warning Images and Texts on the Packaging of Tobacco Products, 2016 (pdf 396kb)

orange arrow jrNotification for Printing and Labeling of Health Warning Messages and Graphics on the Packaging of Tobacco Products Burmese(pdf 861kb)

orange arrow jrMyanmar Tobacco Control Law 2006 (pdf 96kb)

orange arrow jrThe Commercial Tax Law No.8/90, 1990 (pdf 180kb)

Document from the State Law and Order Restoration Council, providing details of the Myanmar Commercial Tax Law

orange arrow jrLetter from President of the Union on Smoke-free Ministries and Government Office Buildings (pdf 360kb)

The President of the Union gives instruction to all Ministries and Government Offices to abide with the Smoke-free regulations.