SEATCA holds forum on earmarked tobacco taxes for tobacco control at WCTOH

Cape Town, 9 March 2018: During the World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCTOH), SEATCA organized a symposium on earmarking tobacco taxes for tobacco control. 

Patricio V. Marquez, Lead Public Health Specialist of the World Bank discussed different perspectives of earmarking on tobacco taxes and Anne-Marie Perucic, Health Economist from the WHO-TFI, Geneva presented cases and best practices of countries that dedicated tobacco tax revenues for health purposes. 

Dr. Paulyn Jean Rosell-Ubial, former Philippine Secretary of Health and Rungsun Mungkong, Senior International Relations Specialist of ThaiHealth Promotion Foundation presented experiences of the Philippines and Thailand respectively on earmarking while Dr. May Myat Cho, SEATCA Program Manager for Sustainable Funding for Health Promotion and the Secretary of the International Network of Health Promotion Foundation (INHPF) discussed the importance of establishing domestic sustainable financing mechanisms like tobacco taxes to fund tobacco control programs. In the ASEAN Region, Thailand and Vietnam has demonstrated that the positive health impact  of tobacco taxes is greater when governments consider dedicating tobacco excise revenues for tobacco control. WATCH the symposium through this link


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