SEATCA Press Release

SEATCA’s Statement on Singapore’s Tobacco Tax Increase

The following is the statement of Ms. Sophapan Ratanachena, Tobacco Tax Program Manager of SEATCA (Read)


SEATCA’s Statement on Singapore’s ban on emerging tobacco products like e-cigarettes

The following is the statement of Dr. Domilyn Villarreiz, Smoke-free Program Manager of SEATCA and the Secretary-General of Smoke-free Cities Asia-Pacific Network (SCAN) (Read)


SEATCA Statement on PMI’s Foundation for a Smoke-free World

The Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA) joins the international public health community in denouncing[1] the Philip Morris International (PMI)-funded Foundation for a Smoke-free World that is positioned to sabotage global tobacco control. Governments, universities, and health advocates must reject any partnerships with this foundation. (Read)



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