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Session Presentations:

Tobacco Control Policies: Regulation, Price and Tax Measures, Dr. Ulysses Dorotheo, Southeast Asia Initiative on Tobacco Tax(SITT)/SEATCA Project Director

Dr. Ulyssses Dorotheo SITT/SEATCA Project Director presented on the session focusing on SEATCA’s efforts in institutionalizing tobacco tax policies in the region. Experiences and lessons learned from the SITT-target countries were shared, which highlighted multi-sectoral collaboration and partnerships, and developing research-based evidence for policy making as key strategies to move the initiative.

Form more information, please contact Ms. Jennie Lyn Reyes, SITT Project coordinator, or visit:

Dr. Ulysses Dorotheo

Legislative measures to counter Tobacco Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship (TAPS), March 21, 2012

Dr. Lina Foong [Malaysia] “Cross-border TAPS”

According to Dr. Lina, 40 countries reported they want bans on cross-border TAPS, such as internet marketing, direct broadcast satellite, print media and international sponsorship. Internet has becomes a powerful tool for TAPS because it cannot be taxed [cheaper tobacco products], there are unrestricted rules, and laws are not yet in place. In Malaysia, the state law clarified that “no person shall [1] display, affix [2] sell [3] distribute and [4] print, publish or take part” of TAPS. The recommended solution for this situation is law strengthening and strong FCTC Article 13 implementation.

Dr. Lina Foong

Dr. Piyarat Nimpitakpong [Thailand – SIS focal point],“POS display ban in Thailand”

Dr. Piyarat related how the tobacco industry in Thailand intended to propagate Point-Of-Sale(POS). Pack displays or “power wall” in Malaysia and Thailand is used as a a billboard with the notion that “bigger [size of advertisement] is better” and “more frequent [found in retailed stores] is better”. POS in retail stores encourages people to buy tobacco products. Many POS are then positioned at eye level because it means ‘buy-level’. POS is usually located around the cashier , and the design is attractive to young people. In Thailand, the 1992 Tobacco Control Act bans POS, but shops can circumvent this law by putting the statement “cigarettes sold here”. After the law promulgation, 45.8% of retail stores strictly complied with the POS ban.

For more information visit:, or contact Ms. Worrawan Kalyanamitra, SEATCA Industry Surveillance(SIS) project coordinator,

Dr. Piyarat Nimpitakpong

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