Philippines: Series of orientation on anti-smoking set

17 April 2018:

The newly-created Task Force on Anti-Smoking on Monday began the series of orientation on Ordinance 469 targeting the different sectors in the city to ensure wider dissemination of the law.

This, as the City Government formally launched the Anti-smoking campaign with the swearing in of the Task Force and the unveiling of the no-smoking billboard in front of City Hall on Monday morning.

Participants to Monday’s orientation on the provisions of Ordinance 469, the law that regulates smoking in the city were members of the traffic enforcement team and policemen. For April 17, participants will be operators of establishment within the business district; April 18- tricycle operators and April 19- Public Utility vehicle operators.

The information campaign will cover a period of 30 days where information, education and communication materials will be distributed. Tarpaulins/ billboards will also be installed in strategic places to inform the public about the implementation of the ordinance.

Ordinance 469, approved January 2018 and authored by Councilor Myra Abubakar, amends certain provisions of Ordinance 413, series of 2013 entitled an ordinance regulating smoking in the city of Zamboanga and providing penalties for violation thereof. It is intended to safeguard public health and ensure physical well-being of the constituents.

Mayor Beng Climaco chairs the Task Force Anti-Smoking with City Administrator Apple Go and City Health Office OIC Dr. Dulce Miravite as vice chairpersons.

The ordinance bans smoking in all enclosed public places, workplaces, accommodation and entertainment establishments and all forms of public conveyances including vehicles owned by the government. Exception to the rule are designated smoking areas.

Violators of the ordinance shall be administratively fined as follows: first offense- P1,000 or immediate community service of cleaning the public place as determined by the apprehending authority for 2 hours at the area where violation was committed; 2nd offense – P3,000 or 3 hours community service; 3rd and subsequent offense- P5,000 or 5 hours community. Establishments that tolerates smoking in no smoking areas will also be fined – P3,000 for first offense, P4,000- second offense, P5,000 – third offense and 4th offense – P5,000 and revocation or permanent cancellation of business permit.  (Sheila Covarrubias)

Source: Zamboangatimes


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