Smoke-free Melaka Evaluation: Moving towards a 100% Smoke-free City

17 September 2013: The Malaysian Health
Promotion Board (MySihat) organized a workshop to evaluate the overall strategies and objectives that were set in the Melaka Smoke-free Programme Strategic Plan (2010-2015). Representatives from Melaka State Government Department, Melaka Health Department, Ministry of Health and NGOs participated in this workshop to discuss the future plans not only in the five smoke-free zones but to make the entire City/State 100% smoke-free

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(In photo, seated): Dr. Zainal Ariffin Omar, Ministry of Health (4th fr. L), Datuk Meor Hashimi Abdul Hamid, Melaka State Legal Advisor(5th fr. L), Datuk Dr Yahya Baba, MySihat CEO(6th fr L) and Dr Domilyn Villarreiz.SEATCA FCTC Programme manager and FCA Coordinator for the WPR (7th fr L) Other officials who joined were Datuk Dr. Teoh Siang Chin, Melaka State Health Director and Datuk Hjh Hasnah Salam(Not in photo).

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(Images Courtesy of M. Rizal Majid)