‘Smokeless Tobacco’ drive hit

7 November 2023

By Gerard Naval, Malaya Business Insight

THE health advocacy group Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) Philippines yesterday slammed the cigarette manufacturing firm PMFTC Inc. and its “Smokeless Tobacco” campaign, saying it is another deceptive attempt by the company to perpetuate smoking addiction.

In a statement, ASH Philippines Executive Director Dr Maricar Limpin said the public must be vigilant against the “deceptive” marketing ploy of the tobacco industry.

“The rampant and aggressive ‘Smokeless Tobacco’ campaign… that currently proliferates social media platforms is an insidious tactic that preys mercilessly upon the vulnerability of smokers, who genuinely wish to quit by offering an alternative that replaces one harmful addiction with another,” said Limpin.

“Promoting smokeless tobacco as a cessation tool is not only deceptive but also irresponsible… Smokeless tobacco products may not involve inhaling the smoke from burning tobacco, but they are far from being safe,” she added.

Limpin said history has shown that tobacco companies have “consistently lied” to their consumers by “masquerading” safer alternatives for their harmful products in the guise of concern for health.