Study finds tobacco taxes reduce smoking

Raising tobacco prices through taxes could help reduce tobacco consumption in low and middle income countries, a study published in the Tobacco Control journal has found.

During the study, researchers compared cigarette prices in 15 low and middle-income countries, including bidis (small, handrolled cigarettes in India and Bangladesh) and found large price differences – indicating opportunities to raise tobacco prices through tax adjustments. 

A uniform high excise tax ensures a higher price for tobacco products and can reduce the range of tobacco prices available in countries. It’s been found that higher priced tobacco products result in less tobacco consumption.

For key findings and more information:  http://fctc.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=824:study-finds-tobacco-taxes-reduce-smoking&catid=231:price-and-tax&Itemid=235 



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