Sustainable Financing for Health Promotion and Tobacco Control

Sustainable Financing for Health Promotion and Tobacco Control

Earmarked Tobacco Taxes: Lesson learnt from nine countries PDF 1.7mb

This publication examines the experience of nine countries in the six WHO regions (Botswana, Egypt, Iceland, Panama, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, Thailand and Viet Nam) that have introduced laws for earmarking tax revenues on tobacco (and in some instances alcohol) for spending on public health programmes. It describes the challenges, setbacks and achievements of those countries in this field. The studies of the nine countries indicate that there is no single formula for establishing an earmarked fund but that some advocacy strategies are more likely to result in the desired policy changes and longer-term outcomes. Although each country’s political, social context and earmarked tax revenue is different and their experience unique, common lessons can be applied in other contexts. It aims to provide a useful resource for policy-makers and tobacco control advocates who are considering establishing sustainable funding for health programmes in general or for tobacco control programmes specifically from earmarked tobacco tax revenues.

journey to tc fund in lao coverThe Journey to the Tobacco Control Fund in Lao PDR: Lessons and Challenge PDF 341.5kb

tc fund catalyst for PH gain vietnam coverTobacco Control Fund as Catalyst for Public Health Gain: Vietnam Experience PDF 2.4mb

HP fund coverHealth Promotion Fund: Sustainable Financing and Governance PDF 14.2mb

Each year close to 36 million people die from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) with 29 million in low and middle-income countries. Up to 80% of these total deaths are caused by cancer, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes and other tobacco-related conditions.  Recognising that NCDs will be central problem for health systems and economies worldwide for many years to come, countries are looking into health promotion initiatives to address the growing health risks and significant inequalities in health status that exist among various socio-economic groups within a country.  Health promotion is “the process of enabling people to increase control over and to improve their health.

lesson learn establish HP coverLessons Learned in Establishing a Health Promotion Fund PDF 837.5kb

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