Thailand’s New Picture Cigarette Pack Warnings Officially Law

The new graphic health warning regulation of Thailand has been printed in the Royal Gazette on September 30, 2009.  It will become effective in six months, allowing another three months for the phase out of products with the old warnings. 


 Smokers Die from Stroke

Cigarette Smoke Causes 10 Different Kinds of Cancer

Smoking Causes Gangrene 

Lobbying by the industry prevented a shorter phase out.  In addition, one cigarette company submitted a letter questioning the health benefit of increasing the size of the graphic warnings from 50 to 55%.  Obviously, if there really were no benefit, then there would be no reason to oppose the change.

The new graphic warning will contain ten pictures, seven the same as previously used.  We have had difficulty finding suitable pictures, indicating a need for an international graphic picture bank.  New features in the new regulation include:

1.    There are 3 new pictures
2.    The size of the pictures on both principle pack surfaces is 55% of the surface
3.    The warning will include the 1600 national quit line number
4.    Each carton is required to have all 10 pictures printed on it
5.    Inside each carton must be packs with at least two different graphic warnings

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