The ASEAN Tobacco Control Atlas is launched at the 10th APACT

18 August, 2013:  SEATCA launched, in time for the opening of the 10th APACT Conference, the First edition of theScreen Shot 2556-08-19 at 8.08.29 AM ASEAN Tobacco Control Atlas.

With a foreword by world-renowned tobacco control activist Dr. Judith MacKay of the World Lung Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,  and a preface by SEATCA director Bungon Rithiphakdee.

Dr. Mackay says the atlas is a ‘timely publication, nicely complementing and expanding the  global data’ of its inspiration, The Tobacco Atlas.

“The Atlas also lays down a challenge to the ASEAN countries- to grasp the political nettle of tobacco control, deal with the tobacco industry…and prevent the disease, disability and death caused by tobacco in each of the countries,” she adds.

The publication compiles all the important information and latest data, in graphs, statistics and colorful images, of key tobacco control issues in the ASEAN.

Click here to download a copy